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A Writing Podcast with Rachelle Cruz, Muriel Leung and MT Vallarta


By Leighman Red Eagle

In light of the boiling climate of rabid sexism in the gaming community caused by GamerGate, attending the “Why Female Fans Matter” panel at this year’s Comikaze was an inspiring and rejuvenating experience.

GamerGate, a so-called “movement” meant to protest against corruption in video game journalism, led droves of gamer enthusiasts to vilify, harass, and threaten prominent women in video games.

Misogyny has plagued the female experience in nerd culture before GamerGate laid bare the toxic undercurrent affecting women. Thus, the importance of creating safe places for women to express themselves and find camaraderie with other women is more urgent than ever.

Moderator of the “Why Female Fans Matter” panel and Editor in Chief of FangirlNation.com, Victoria Irwin, introduced the panel by briefly addressed GamerGate and announced—“Don’t worry. It will blow over.”

The majority of panelists consisted of women who have already gathered to express their…

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The Lobster Dance

Interrupting the series again for breaking news:

The Mary Sue merger has me feeling a bit like Obi-Wan today. 

You were the chosen one! Source unknown, but memetastic.

Let me explain.

The Mary Sue, popular geek website for geek women by geek women, merged with Geekosystem, a sister site from Abrams Media. The merger was a decision from the top, and it’s been handled unbelievably poorly by everyone involved. I had seen the notices that it was going to happen but didn’t have time to check things out until toranosukev from Nubui Kuduchi showed me this.

About What Exactly?

Regarding the merger, an announcement like the following would have been the best call:

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Biblical epics are big business for Hollywood.  They always have been.  When you adjust the figures for inflation, two of the top 15 highest grossing films of all time are THE TEN COMMANDMENTS and BEN-HUR   To the tune of $1.8 billion domestically, if we’re being specific.  That is why it’s no surprise to see 2014 bringing about a bevy of Biblical fanfare on both the big screen and television.  Two of the highest profile titles this year are Darren Aronofsky’s NOAH and Ridley Scott’s upcoming EXODUS: GODS AND KINGS , the latter of which just had a new trailer released.

Though those two movies may not have the cultural impact that the aforementioned classics did, they do shine a spotlight once again on how Hollywood continues its old habits of re-imagining humankind’s earliest epics in a way that is…well, for lack of a better word…whitewashed.  Literally.  Neither Noah…

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thor woman marvel 660 Marvel

In what is undoubtedly the sign of the times, Marvel Comics announced yesterday on THE VIEW that the iconic hammer-wielding son of Odin will now be female.  And as the below tweet from Ryan Penagos states, this won’t be a She-Hulk type of thing.


Call it political correctness, call it keeping up with the changing demographics and the recognition of an ever shrinking world – call it whatever you want – but let’s ultimately call it what it really is: Good storytelling.  Both in the pages and out of it.  Here’s why.

In the Pages

Simply put, women make better heroes.  They are far more compelling, complex, emotional, and three dimensional.  They are also frequently underestimated, shunned by male dominated societies and organizations, and usually seen as weak.  This makes for a near perfect protagonist.  You want your hero to be someone the reader and audience can identify with…

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