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Joe Quesada announced that the new Captain America is Sam Wilson.  Since we called Bucky “Bucky Cap,” might I suggest “Captain SAmerica” for Sam’s nickname?

I hope this new incarnation of Cap gets a better writer.

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❝ I’d like to clear the air.

The past 96 hours have been some of the most stressful, anxious, and rewarding of my life.

Wednesday evening, following my first read of Rick Remender’s Captain America #22, I posted a series of entries to my blog reiterating my distaste for his work, and my renewed (and long-held) belief that he should no longer be writing it.

In my haste and anger, I asked other people who shared my opinion to tweet Marvel Comics, Rick Remender, and Captain America editor Tom Brevoort with their concerns, using the hashtag #FireRickRemender.

And I’m sorry.

I understand that the hashtag, and the arguments held under its banner, could have been (and were) seen as personal attacks. And for that, I apologize. I was coming from a place of upset, discomfort, disgust, and outrage, and I acted solely from that place.

I am genuinely sorry for any personal affront my actions may have caused.

What I am not sorry for is everything that came afterward. 

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❝ In the days following the Rick Remender Captain America controversy, comic book fans and even industry professionals are coming out of the wood-work with everything from legitimate attempts to defend Remender’s writing to flat out derogatory word-vomit. The more comments and tweets that flood in, the more justified fans are for feeling unsafe in the comics community.

All of this started because fans of Captain America and Marvel Comics brought it to public attention that they were unhappy with the systemically oppressive tactics employed in Rick Remender’s writing: namely his run on Captain America, volume 7 and Captain America #22 where many fans felt pushed over the edge by the events that took place between Falcon and Jet Black. ❞

Read Gloria Miller’s full story at Examiner.

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❝ For those who don’t know (because there are quite a few…let’s be honest, not everyone reads comic books) Captain America #22 came out last week, and there was a bit of an uproar on social media that resulted in calls to fire the author, Rick Remender.

At the heart of the argument was that Remender wrote Sam Wilson (beloved by many after Captain America: the Winter Soldier, where he’s played by Anthony Mackie) having drunk sexwith a woman that many readers understood to be 14 years old. That specific claim is not the case (the character is in fact 23) but even after that clarification, people were upset. ❞

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